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Red Polls have been part of the Daniel family as far back as I can remember, I bought my first ones around 1978 with money received from selling a few hogs. In 1985 my father and myself bought a feedlot and began to raise Holstein steers, while building a pretty nice Red Poll herd. After several years of drought in the late 80's we decided to sell off the hogs and the feedlot leaving only the Red Polls. In the mid 90's my work as an industrial auctioneer took me on the road enough that we decided to start crossing some of our cows and this continued for the next 20 years. After some hard decisions I decided that I needed to stay closer to home, at this point I decided to return to all Red Polls. I began with a few hand picked cows purchased from my good friend Bob Sanders (Sanders Cattle Co), These cows were from the Rager and Wiese herds. I purchased a good young bull from Phil Wyrick, and have continued to purchase good cattle as the opportunity arises. Look for me at the next big sale, I might be looking at one of yours.